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Changzhou Weike Wood Environmental ProtectionTechnology Co., LTD


Is a professional production, sales of all kinds of plastic wood materials enterprises. The company relies on the independent intellectual property rights and a number of patents of the organic resin waste harmless treatment and resource utilization owned by the parent company changzhou houde renewable resources technology co., LTD. The parent company has been identified as "youth employment and entrepreneurship training base of the central committee of the communist youth league", "top 50 successful start-ups of the central youth league" and "council member of China renewable resources industry technology innovation alliance".


 Changzhou weike wood environmental protection technology co., ltd. relies on changzhou houde's technology development and production platform, independent operation. The academician's workstation and engineering technology research center in houde, changzhou are Shared.

The company has granulation workshop, molding workshop, post-treatment workshop, assembly workshop and other production and business places, with a total construction area of 21,000 square meters. The existing generation, the second generation of specialized production lines of plastic wood 38, profile surface treatment equipment more than 20 sets, the annual output of 20,000 tons. The company's products have passed ISO9001, ISO14001, ISO18001 system, China environmental protection products and other certification, product quality far beyond the national standards and industry standards, has a number of domestic testing institutions of authoritative quality identification.


The main products of the company are a series of outdoor landscape products such as plastic-wood hollow floor, plastic-wood solid floor, plastic-wood gallery frame, plastic-wood landscape bench and chair, and plastic-wood dustbin. The company and a number of domestic real estate companies, tourism developers have maintained long-term cooperation, weike wood plastic wood products throughout the country. 


The company's products are also widely sold overseas, exported to southeast Asia and Africa and other countries and regions, domestic and foreign merchants received consistent praise.

Company adhering to the "scientific and technological innovation, waste for treasure; The management concept of "green cooperation, benefit environmental protection" is committed to contribute to the cause of national environmental protection.

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