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How about the fireproof performance of plastic wood flooring?

When installing and using decorative materials outdoors, it is necessary not only to pay attention to the aesthetic effect of the materials, but also to pay attention to the safety of the materials. Many gardens and residential areas now use railings. After installing the railings, it can improve the cleaning and planning of the environment, and can also add good conditions to people's lives.

Plastic wood flooring, the leader in the future home decoration industry

In recent years, a new type of environmentally-friendly and energy-saving material-plastic wood material formed by special processing technology of plant fiber and plastic polymer material has many advantages such as non-corrosive, non-deformable, waterproof, insect-proof and moldy.

What is the unique advantage of plastic wood flooring?

In the interior decoration work, people pay attention to the choice of decorative materials, because the quality and design style of the decorative materials is very important. If the appearance of the decorative materials is novel and unique, a better environment can be created, and the materials produced by the advanced production technology can also prolong the service life, so many families now pay attention to the choice of the floor. Plastic wood flooring will also be the material of choice for installation and application, so what are the unique advantages of plastic wood flooring?

Common problems and solutions for resin tile use

With the increasing use rate of resin tiles, we often encounter some problems during the early installation and later use. Today, Laizhou Jieli Industry & Trade Co., Ltd. experienced experienced technicians on the common series of resin tiles. The questions are answered one by one, such as:

Resin common problem handling

Resin Common Problems Resin Pretreatment of Resin In industrial products of ion exchange resins, a small amount of organic oligomers and an inorganic impurity are often contained. In the initial stage of use, it will gradually dissolve and release, affecting the quality of the effluent or the quality of the product. Therefore, the new resin must be pretreated before use, as follows:

Summary of common problems with terpenoids

An anthraquinone compound is a component derived from methylpentahydroxy acid, and has a basic skeleton having two or more isoprene units (c5). The open chain terpene has the formula of (c5h8)n, the number of carbon atoms is generally a multiple of 5, and the proportion of hydrogen is generally not a multiple of 8.
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